Micro gas turbine




Assembly and running


Lobe mixer



Since seeing a micro gas turbine for the first time running in a RC jet I'm enthusiastic about this technology. At the age of 16 years I started to read books about micro gas turbines and exspecially about how to rebuild them.
Two years later I got the opportunity to build a micro gas turbine for my project work at the highschool. I saved some money for the necessary machines (e.g. turning machine) or a made them by myself. Those are for example the spot welding machine or the press.
About a year later I finished this project and did the first running. After some optimization the engine did work fine with lower rpm, but due to a lack of rpm- and exhaust-temperature control I stopped testing.
Here I published the production of some components, the balancing of the rotor and the assembly with a test run.



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