Engineering is my passion

An intelligent and tricky solution for a technical problem is my interest. To do so, I want to learn as much as possible about technical procedures and the theory behind.

Studying at the Technical University Munich offers the possibility to learn all about the up-to-date knowledge, exspecially the theory. Further it also was always my wish to gain practical experience. I startet early to work with different materials and production processes and doing so, get to know the fascination engineering also from the practical point of view.

The engineer of today should be also keen in many aspects of PC software, so I also did spend a lot of time learning programs. Exspecially the CAD-software CATIA V5 from Dassault Systemes is my favourite working tool and over the years I did work with it on many different projects. But also further programs like Labview, Matlab, different others CAD/CAM/FEM/CFD- programs and the office solutions of Microsoft and Openoffice cought my interest and I feel well working with them.

Furthermore I was working several years as a student assistant at the institute of flight propulsion. During this time I did help at the testbeds and got an insight into the research. My job was to prepare experiments and assist during the test. Furthermore I did also engineer and manufacture different parts for the testbed and analyse the test results. I'm very thankful for the time at the institute, cause this did provide an important and helpful contrast to the academic studies.

As member and co-founder of the student group Hummingbird from the technical university I could live my fascination about micro gas turbines. In my time as groupleader and also beyond I have a lot of fun managing and working in the team.

After my studies I got the chance to start as a patent trainee to become a patent lawyer and doing so, learn a lot about basic law and the protection and prosecution of inventions and marks.

For the future, I wish to continue working in the engineering sector. To be leader of a team and work every day on engineering technical solutions would be my dream.

First name:
Daniel Alexander
Place and date of birth
Munich, 17.02.1985
Engineering at TU Munich
Patent trainee, part-time janitor
Playing piano, sport
german, english, french
Curiculum Vitae
Ignaz-Günther-Highschool Rosenheim
Civil service at Malteser Rosenheim - Handicap transportation
October 2005
Immatriculation to the Technical University of Munich, Mechanical Engineering
since December 2005
Student assistant at the institute for flight propulsion
December 2007
Cofounder of the student research group Hummingbird
and groupleader till december 2009
Internship in Finland
since October 2009
Part-time job as janitor for 2 houses in Munich
March-Sept. 2011
Diploma Thesis at BMW Research and Technology GmbH
since October 2011
Patent Attorney Candidate at Charrier Rapp & Liebau
Studentgroup Hummingbird
Interview at the ILA 2010 about the studentgroup Hummingbird
Guincho Video 1, Guincho Video 2 (youtube)


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